Quality Management

Quality Management

Enzafruit aims to provide its customers with premium quality product and service. This is achieved by identifying responsibilities for quality and communication, and setting clear specifications to all suppliers. Enzafruit and its Independent Verification Agent, AgriQuality, measure suppliers against these specifications. We are focused on traceability, and have comprehensive systems in place to ensure only fruit that meets our stringent quality standards is exported.

Enzafruit is committed to provide the highest quality fruit to its customers.

Producing fruit to environmentally acceptable standards has become a crucial market access issue as more and more of New Zealand's northern hemisphere customers ask hard questions about how the fruit is grown, the labour and technology used and the effects on the environment.

Enzafruit also invests in extensive research programmes that are already helping to reduce chemical use. Biological methods to control pests and diseases include:

  • Pheromones that disrupt codling moth mating,
  • Integrated mite control where a mite is introduced to kill a pest,
  • Breeding disease-resistant fruit varieties.

All growers are required to submit fruit that meets Enzafruit export standards, which are based on customer requirements.

  • 100% of Enzafruit’s growers, coolstores and pack houses are EUREPGAP and BRC (British Retail Consortium) certified, IFS (International Food Standard) certification is in progress
  • 100% of suppliers are either IFP or Organic
  • 100% of suppliers achieve full clearance on PCR’s prior to fruit submission
  • All post harvest facilities used for our organic programme are Biogro certified