From orchard to market


During our European spring, apples and pears are picked in New Zealand, where at that moment, nature is at the end of the local summer. The picked pipfruit in bulk wooden bins are carried to the packing stations. The apples are kept cool and then packed in the appropriate packaging for export. Quality control is our trial part of the packing operation.


Every export carton leaving New Zealand carries following information: the grower's registered number, the date code, variety name and the number of apples in the carton.

The cartons are stacked on wooden pallets. Each pallet has an information card with data about where the fruit comes from. Like this, Enzafruit can trace the fruit from orchard to marketplace.



Large, refrigerated ships, some using controlled atmosphere technology, bring the Enzafruit New Zealand pipfruit to Europe. Main ports of destination in Continental Europe are Antwerp and Hamburg, but we also have arrivals in The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Norway, Portugal and Malta. 

Our quality control staff checks every arrival, ensuring customers receive only the highest quality Enzafruit New Zealand pipfruit.

During the storage and transport, all climatological and hygienic conditions are very accurately controlled, so each apple stays crisp, juicy and tasteful until it arrives on your table.

See the journey of a Jazz™ Apple

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Loading Apples in Nelson

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