Nutritional value

When you want to eat healthy and balanced, you can’t do without apples. An apple is practical, instant ready for consumption and you can eat it anytime or anywhere. Apples take a crucial place in the food pyramid and are a source for our daily needed minerals, vitamins, enzymes and fibres that help to keep our body in balance.

Moreover, the anti-oxidants in apples provide protection against major diseases such as heart diseases and cancer. Apples lower the level of cholesterol in our blood and contain few calories. So there are reasons enough to take a few Jazz™ "breaks" in your daily nutrition. To have maximum benefits for your health, we advice to eat 2 to 3 apples a day.

  Raw Apple Crisps Milk(chocolate biscuits)
Energy 47kcal (199kj) 546kcal (2275kj) 529kcal(2214kj)
Protein 0.4g 5.6g 8.4g
Carbohydrate 11.8g 49.3g 59.4g
Fat 0.1g 37.6g 30.3g
Fibre 1.8g 4.9g Tracé