Growing Regions

Growing RegionsAn ideal climate, New Zealand's warm, dry summers and cool winters provide an ideal growing climate for apples and pears. The apple tree thrives in locations that have a distinct winter period (the tree must have a dormancy period of at least 1200 hours per year under 7.2ºC) and a dry, warm summer with intense sunshine.

Many areas of New Zealand have the climate and soil fertility ideally suited for growing apples. The country's clean, clear water and a pollution-free atmosphere ensure a freshness and quality that's second to none.



Nelson is New Zealand's oldest apple growing region and only recently overtaken as the largest producing area in terms of volume by Hawke's Bay. Famous for its beautiful natural scenery, Nelson grows the complete range of varieties.


Hawke's Bay

New Zealand's most important pipfruit region. In Hawke's Bay, the full range of apples and pears are grown. It has one of the world's highest levels of production per hectare. Known as the "Fruit Bowl" of New Zealand, Hawke's Bay is also a centre for stone and soft fruit.



New Zealand's southernmost apple growing area is located in the central and southern half of the South Island. Orcharding was here 150 years ago following the decline of the gold mining industry. Now Otago produces a significant part of New Zealand's export crop. Key varieties are Cox Orange Pippin, Red Delicious, Royal Gala, Fuji, Braeburn and Pacific Rose™.