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Apple info
  • A medium-sized apple stands for one of the five daily-recommended portions vegetables and fruit.
  • A medium-sized apple contains 15 % of the daily-recommended quantity vitamin C.
  • The fructoses in apples are digested slowly and keep the energy level up for a longer time.
  • A medium-sized apple contains hardly 47 calories and 0,1 g fat.
  • It is thoroughly a natural product, healthy for the metabolism in general and for the digestion in particular.
  • An apple is a snack rich in vitamins, healthy for young and old, at home and outside.
  • Apples are also good when you're on a diet and they are also very seasoning in salads and other fruity meals.

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Top apple tip

Store apples in the fridge to keep them crisp

Enzafruit New Zealand apples are so unique because:

  • you eat a freshly picked apple
  • they are healthy and rich in vitamins
  • they are grown in an ideal climate
  • they are strictly selected and provided with the ENZA quality label
  • they are fresh, juicy and crunchy