Enzafruit marketing

Instore tastings

Throughout the season, our well-trained promotion teams can flavour your store with animated tastings. In that way, your customers will have the opportunity to discover the unique taste of an exclusive apple range of which you benefit by increased sales. You will be convinced: the taste, the freshness and the crunchiness of our Enzafruit apples & pears will make the difference!

Would you like us the organise a tasting in your store? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Promotional material
A well decorated and attractive fruit department invites the customers to buy your fresh products and in the meantime it has to inform the customer about the new crop and the promotions that are currently running.

Wholesale activities

MarketingYou may come across the Enzafruit Promo Team on special wholesale events. On these events, visitors can have a taste of our exclusive Enza apples.





During each season, Enzafruit participates in numerous events and exhibitions. You can find us at consumer shows but also on merchant fairs. By taking part in these events, the visitors can enjoy and furthermore we can present and promote new varieties.