About Jazz


Apple lovers are convinced of the delicious taste of the Jazz™ apple: firm, crisply, juicy and sweet with an acid zing. Once you have had a taste of the heavenly aroma, you can't get enough about it.

Jazz™ is a cross of the varieties Braeburn and Royal Gala. The conical shape and the sweet taste refer to the Royal Gala apple while the less acid taste reminds of the Braeburn.

Not only the taste but also the appearance of the Jazz™ apple are very attractive.

The orange-red stripes over a yellow-cream background makes it look very tasteful and invites you to take a bite.

Growing regions

Jazz™ is originally grown in New Zealand but currently it’s also grown in France,the U.S. and the U.K.


Jazz™ is available in shops all year long:

  • from mid May until mid August : origin New Zealand
  • from mid October until April: origin France